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    MEDIA KIT | 2019

    La Matraca news is the best link to the Latino community in Minnesota. Our publication started in 2008 and has grown and became the number one publication in the twin cities.

    Our professional team work each edition to create a publication with quality and interesting content for our community and are committed to make that our advertisers reach its max potential.

    Our professional team work each edition to create a publication with quality and interesting content for our community and are committed to make that our advertisers reach its max potential.

    Distribution points

    Currently we have 225 points of distribution in Minnesota and 10 in Wisconsin.

    Our Reader Profile

    The last survey conducted was done in August 2019, the results:

    More than half of our respondents is older than 39 years and male. More than half of our respondents prefer to read in Spanish but there is a 20 percent which don’t mind reading English or Spanish and only 14 percent of respondents prefer to read in English.

    More than half of respondents prefer our publication over other Spanish publications in Minnesota. Once more La Matraca news consolidated as the #1 publication in Minnesota.


    Language Preference



    Income Group

    Country of Origin


    Preferred Publication

    Products & Services


    We print more than any other Hispanic publication in Minnesota. Our prices are affordable and we are a contract free publication. We have work with big, medium and small companies including but not limited to: Minnesota Twins, Blue Cross, Planed Parenthood, El Burrito Mercado, Supermercado Morelia, Wilson Law Group, Field Law, Salvation Army, U Care, Raul Sánchez, Artemisa Boston, Prontto Tax Services, Jer Roofing, Up North Plastics. Our publication has 40 pages and is divided in the next sections: Horoscope of the week, Environment, Health, Recipes, Auto, Immigration, Life in the USA, Events, Entertainment, Classifieds, Local news and Latin America news. We offer spaces for advertisement in black and with or color and in different sizes: Classified, business card, ¼ page, ½ page, front page banner and full page. For big events we sell front page.


    Our website is updated daily and have an average of 8000 visitors per month. We offer horizontal and or vertical banners that have a link to our advertisers. We strive to offer interesting content for our readers.

    Social Media

    Social media has become one of our main tools for promoting our advertisers. With more than 11000 followers and and average reach of 7000 post we

    Email Campaigns

    Our lawyers know that trial is not necessary in all divorces. If we believe it is in your best interests, our family lawyers recommend settlement, mediation or arbitration to reach equitable divorce terms.

    Business Cards

    A key strength of our international practice is our independence. We have a close relationship with a comprehensive network of preferred law firms around the world.


    If you have been charged with a drug offence, you can expect to be placed on significant restrictions while dealing with the charges, depending on the seriousness of the charges.


    Sample Packages

    All advertising partners are important. We can work with any budget and goals you might have!

    Print package

    $149 /month
    • Print edition (1/4 Page)

    Digital package

    $399 /month
    • Horizontal online banner
    • Vertical online banner
    • Social media promotion

    Complete Package

    $499 /month
    • 4 Consecutive print editions (1/4 Page)
    • Horizontal Online Banner
    • Vertical Online Banner
    • Social Media Promo

    Client Testimonials

    La Matraca News has helped me promote the branding of some of my own clients.

    Anita Grace

    Grace Marketing

    Thanks to La Matraca Magazine, the Minnesota Twins has been able to reach the key Latino market of MN

    Miguel Ramos

    Minnesota Twins

    We have been working with La Matraca since their begining almost a decade ago. Always a pleasure!

    Milissa Silva

    El Burrito Mercado

    Our business has been able to thrive in part because of the ads we place with La Matraca News.

    Evelyn Wood

    Inver Grove Honda

    Some of our clients

    We are ready to help!

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